Feudo Pignatone Davanti Casa

Nerello Mascalese

Feudo Pignatone Rosso Davanti Casa is created from a selection of Nerello Mascalese grapes from ancient vines grown organically on the contrada (an ancient estate usually aligning with an historic lava flow) of the same name in the municipality of Randazzo on the northern slope of Mount Etna at an altitude of approximately 700 metres. The grapes used for Feudo Pignatone Rosso Davanti Casa come from hundred-year-old vines. The bunches are meticulously selected in the vineyard, followed by the separate vinification of every single parcel so as to produce a wine reflecting the identity of the terroir and the contrada. A wine full of energy, with a rare elegance and finesse, and excellent scope for development over time.

Appellation :

Etna Rosso Doc Contrada Feudo Pignatone

Variety :

100% Nerello Mascalese

Age of the vines :

approximately 100 years

Altitude :

700 m above sea level

Date of harvest :

26 October 2019

Yield per vine :

approximately 800 grams per vine on average

Fermentation :

spontaneous, using yeasts naturally present on the grapes

Vinification :

the grapes were picked by hand then vinified in small open vessels with around 35% of the bunches left whole. Skin contact over 16 days with daily punch-downs.

Ageing :

10 months in new wood casks

Appellation :

Etna Rosso Doc Contrada Feudo Pignatone

Bottling :

14 September 2020

Bottles produced :

1,980 75 cl bottles

Climate during vintage 2019

The 2019 vintage saw a cold, rainy winter with abundant precipitation in February, followed by a mild onset of spring but a sharp drop in temperatures in May, resulting in a slight delay to the growth cycle. Temperatures then rose significantly from June, however, with an average difference of 10 degrees between May and June, allowing the vines to catch up significantly on their growth cycle. From June and throughout the summer, the dry warmth favoured the formation of loosely clustered and perfectly healthy bunches. Thanks to the water reserves accumulated in the soil over winter, the grapes ripened perfectly.